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Schools FAQ

How do I register to be an LSF Member School?

To become an LSF Member school, please click here.

How do I renew my LSF membership if I am a current LSF Member School?

To renew your membership as an LSF Member School, you must first log in to your  account by clicking here. Once you have logged in, you will be able to pay your annual dues to renew your membership. The LSF asks that you renew your membership by September 1st of each year so that we are able to successfully counsel students in the Access Program thorugh the fall and offer the LSF Scholarship to  accepted students in the spring of each year. 

What does it mean to be an LSF Member School?

LSF Member Schools actively support the mission of the Latino Student Fund. Schools receive a number of benefits from the LSF including listing in the online school directory, which is available to the greater Latino community, and access to prospective student profiles through our online portal. For additional benefits, click here.

Do I have to be located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area?

No. Your school does not have to be located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. However, we do ask that those students enrolled in our program be residents of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

Are there any requirements for becoming an LSF Member School?

Your school must give financial aid, either independently or through the Archdiocese, be accredited, and host students in grades PreK-12.

As of September 2011, LSF Membership requires an annual fee that is determined by the profile of your school. (Membership fees are due by September 1st of each year.)

Tier 1: $1,000 Annual Fee
Independent Schools: 400 or more Student Enrollment

Tier 2: $750 Annual Fee
Independent Schools: 399 or less Student Enrollment

Tier 3: $500 Annual Fee
Parochial Schools

Please call the LSF office for more information about this revised policy at 202-244-3438.  

Can I add the LSF Logo to my school's website if we are a Member School?

Yes, of course! Please add our logo to your website to show that you are a Latino Student Fund Member School. We encourage you to tell all of your current and prospective Latino students about our program offerings and opportutnities. Download the logo by clicking here