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Membership Eligibility, Policies and Benefits

The LSF works with several independent and parochial schools in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia to support Latino youth and to encourage multicultural and socioeconomic diversity in PreK-12th grade education. Our efforts are to ensure that Latino youth have access to the best educational opportunities that the Washington, DC Metropolitan area has to offer. LSF Member Schools benefit from the cultural and linguistic support of LSF staff and supporters. In addition, Latino students that attend LSF Member schools are eligible to apply for tuition support through the LSF Scholars Program.

LSF Member Schools support the mission of the Latino Student Fund.

Member Schools demonstrate earnest efforts to:

Provide a socially and culturally equitable learning environment for all students by ensuring that their staff is trained in effective cross-racial and cross-cultural communications;

Expand the Hispanic/Latino student population;

Ensure Hispanic/Latino students from low-income households matriculate;

Integrate the school's student body--socially, economically and racially;

Expand the school's body of Hispanic/Latino faculty and administrators;

Make available adequate financial aid to qualifying students.


Member Schools work in cooperation with the Latino Student Fund through:

Collaborative meetings with representatives of LSF staff to strengthen the partnership;

Participation in LSF Member School events;

Aid the LSF in promoting our educational programs to eligible Latino families and students;

Maintainence of current listing in the LSF Member School Directory.


To find out more about the LSF Member School policy or the partnership that forms when becoming an LSF Member School, feel free to contact the LSF directly at or 202-244-3438. To become a LSF Member School today, click here! To renew your existing membership, click here.